Increased Career Chances (and Other Benefits) with Independent Schools

Increasingly more families in the United Kingdom opt to send their children to independent or privately operated schools.

According to surveys, there are many reasons why these families are looking into private schools as an alternative to public schools.

One of the most often given reasons is that independent schools are deemed as offering an often significantly better education standard. The better education standard in private schools along with the good reputation of many of the U.K.’s independent schools is the reason that families think that private schools allow their children for a better career.

And by thinking so, these families would actually be correct looking at recent statistics. In United Kingdom, the majority of high-paid professionals does indeed come from private schools. The high percentage of lawyers, doctors and politicians who attended a private school in the past doesn’t leave any doubt that these types of schools can offer students opportunities that public schools often cant.

Yet,? many families value or independent schools for several other reasons, beyond the obvious better career chances. One of these additional reasons for sending children to a independent school is single sex education, one of these reasons that has a high priority among those families surveyed.? This is not a surprise seeing that 50% of the U.K.’s private, independent schools are single sex schools.

Other often-given reasons for preferring a private school would be that families often think that independent schools help them to raise more disciplined children, along with boarding which can be another advantage and deciding factor when compared to most state schools.

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